Diwali Celebration at HPS campus ….

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The HPS senior had an august celebration with the various competions held out there. Students of primary, high school, higher secondary all came together to make this festival very special. they decorated their class room in the best way they can, then they made beautiful rangolis, mehandi and House notice board decoration. Keepint the competitive sprit aside,the people had a fun time and a rejoiced morning which in turn served as a feast to the eyes of those present. . All worked with all their might to make the festival joyous and special . May this diwali brighten up everyones lives with the light of positivity !!!d 1

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140th B’day of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, The Iron man

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Today at HARYANA PUBLIC SCHOOL , we celebrated the 140th B’day of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the iron man, the first home minister of independent India. HPSians were given a thoughtful insight by the vice principal on his achievements and how by following his vision, the members of the HPS family have been able to promote the emergence of a humane and egalitarian society. The day was also observed as an unity day. Mr. Mohan assisted the oath to all the students for the unity of our country.
May his magic continue to inspire us and instil within a sense of belief to never stop working for the good of society and country.

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Raksha Bandhan in HPS

jun 12

There is nothing more beautiful and satisfactory than witnessing a smile embellishing someone’s face who deserves it the most.
Today the HPS Campus were extremely vivacious, when the students of IX supersection organized a beautiful programme , well guided by Mrs. Poonam Bhardwaj to celebrate the auspicious festival of Rakshabandhan a day before . Brother Vice Principal graced the event and gave his message about the importance, implication and intention of Rakshabandhan. All who came left with delight dominant on their faces and content ruling their hearts…..

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Inter House Sports Meet

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Precarious service, heroic shots, deceptive push,exuberant cheering and sarcastic jeering. Yes, that’s beginning of inter house Sports competitions. The scene on the HPS Volley ball & Kho- Kho court during the much awaited inter house sports event reflected victorious attitudes, vigorous workouts, valorous players and vivacious onlookers. The sheer vibes of lively energy and nervous excitement were apparent everywhere. Some teams were thrashing each other violently while some others were fighting till the last ounce of energy left in them….

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Independence Day …. 2015

ind 12

It was 69 years ago on this day that the Indian tricolour reared its proud head amongst the souls filled with patriotic vigour.
HPS celebrated this Independence Day like no other! The continuous downpour didn’t stop the bag piper band from exhibiting their exceptional talent and skill, the senior school choir from compelling everyone to listen to their sweet serenade, nor did it slow down the junior school students from performing on Vande Matram and leaving everyone awestruck. The function was graced by the presence of Vice Principal Sahay , the Chief Guest and the assembly came to an end with the National Anthem being sung. May the love for our country in our hearts never cease to grow. Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day !!!

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